Thursday, 19 May 2011

Content Quality Is As Important As Content Quantity

Another precaution you should take concerns the quality of the content itself. Not only should you completely avoid using the same content on more than once occasion but also you should ensure that every page offers some value in search engine optimization. The problem is that in a bid to create numerous pages on various topics, sometimes the quality can suffer in place of quantity. Remember that Google spiders aren’t your only concern and your human visitors will want to read invaluable and informative content.

What An Internet Marketer Cannot Do ?

an internet marketer who has paid his or her dues or has carved out a niche for him or herself in internet marketing; a person or marketer who has become an authority in internet marketing. An internet marketing guru is a person who has arrived in his chosen niche in internet marketing. You can also say that he or she has become a household name in the internet marketing community. Moreover, you can call him a “successful” internet marketer even though we all appreciate the fact that success is a relative term in such a way that everybody has his or her own unique definition of success.

The gurus virtually know all the tricks, tips, and tidbits on internet marketing. They can teach you how to succeed and how to fail in an online business venture. They can teach you how to become a millionaire “overnight” via internet marketing. They can take you by the hand as a mentor and take you to the top. They can teach you how to create good products and offer excellent services.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

SEO - Keyword Flooding is Bad SEO

Trying to cram as many keywords as you can into your home page is called keyword flooding. This includes the type of pages where there is a Title Tag loaded with scores of keywords. Using over twelve keywords per title tag is considered to be too much when it comes to keyword tags but some optimistic web masters will load them with as many as a 100 keywords in an attempt to increase sales.

The problem with cramming too many keywords on your home page is that they encompass a too big of a span theme wise for the search engine spiders to see your site as specific. Individually they can never get the keyword density or repetitions need to order the site highly. When it comes to SEO keep your keywords short, sweet yet targeted for best results. If you load it with popular, generic or “most visited” terms you are going to end up with a lot of visits from people on the internet who are not intent on buying a thing.

The solution to this is to focus the content on your home page on three to five of your top keywords or key phrases. For instance if you have a site about search engine optimization don’t use keywords like SEO or search engine optimization. You need to find sub keywords that are a little less general such as SEO home page techniques or SEO top keywords to get the attention of targeted visitors. As a rule of thumb the more competitive your site is the less keywords you should choose. Choose only two or three excellent words or phrases and use them three times in each block of text on your site to bring you the most business and try to keep your title copy to less than seven words (but ideally five words!)

Software Solutions and Web Designing

Every company needs a team that can make the right and strong decisions , as decision has its own major role in growth of that company. If we talk about the website designing, it plays a major role in business growth. If your site is well designed and it gives the valuable knowledge to the customer you will gets leads and traffic on your site. Otherwise customer will not show any interest in that.
But there is another main thing that the site must has good ranking in search engines. Search Engine optimization is a process of optimizing the rank of a website in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Altavista etc. If you have good site ranking you will get leads and business.

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Monday, 16 May 2011

SEO Survives Google Instant

With the launch of Google Instant in September 2010, SEO experts discussed the impact Google Insant will have on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Steve Rubel stated that with Google Instant, the result displayed for every user would become different and the basic of SEO which is driven by “same search yields same results” would be altered. The death of SEO was inevitable.

Six months down the line, let’s examine the real impact of Google Instant on SEO. Starting with that, let’s brush the understanding of Google Instant once. As per About Google Instant page, Google Instant is enhancement of search option which produces results while typing. This leads to display of results simultaneously and one does not have to wait for the \ to appear after Enter.

The study involving over 700,000 keyword was undertaken which were searched in relation to four online retailers. The months analyzed were August 2010, October 2010 and March 2010. The study was conducted to determine three things; performance of head terms of search in comparison of “long-tail” , impact on branded searches, if any and lastly, is SEO really over?

Evaluation Result 1: It was realized that on an average, there’s 7% of increase in long tail searches pertaining to five-plus keywords. Out of four sites, three recorded reduction in one ad two word search options. Majority of researchers prefer refined search and while analyzing your site, bear in mind that
·         Is my site long-term search friendly? When search terms become increasingly refines, will my site rank organically?
·         Does my site have medium to long tail keywords as anchor text under link building strategy?
·         Does my site structure allow bots to crawl and index deeper and prospective pages with long-term keywords?

Evaluation Result 2: The study uncovered that branded searches reduced by 9% average after the launch of Google Instant. This has been demonstrated in 66% results upon analysis of brand vs non-brand. If your site is also experiencing reduced volume of traffic due to branded searches, evaluate your site on:
·         Does my site have presence of branded and non-branded keywords under interlinking strategy for your site?
·         Does my brand promotion is increased as a result of my site’s link building and social media campaigns?
·         Does my traditional organic search engine option is depleting due to my mobile search performance?
Evaluation Result 3: For the question, Is SEO over?, the answer is NO. SEO is not over. Though the paradigm of organic search is changed, the degree of crawalibility, link building for long-terms, social media campaigning for your site have to be managed through SEO to retain the rank.