Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The need and concept of toll management system

Toll management system is an automatic system that utilizes technology in order to collect the toll fees from the commuter as a tax for the construction of roads and express highways and even make a check whether it is under control or not.

This modern techie era is all about the advancement in technology and the growth of infrastructures. These days many new technologies has been launched which has made the work more easier and the management even better, a similar creativity is the toll management system which with the use of industrial automation has fully made an efficient toll system that not only collects the toll from different individuals but also helps in improving the infra structure of the country. This is a process of collecting the toll fees from the travellers and allowing the travellers to pass through on the basis of a complete automatic system.

When the government plans and makes new roads or buildings then a lot of money is being invested on it and in order to yield some return, the commuter has to pay the road authorities a certain amount of money to help them recover the entire amount. This is simply a tax amount that the people or the travellers have to pay for the construction of the roads or flyovers or even the express highways. Therefore the need for this system is everlasting and with the number of creativity or the number of infrastructures increasing, the number of toll gates will also increase in number.
Earlier the toll system was manual and people used to collect the money from the people and used to keep a track on those vehicles which was every time consuming but today the same task is done automatically by the toll management system which has very easily meet the demands and satisfaction of the people as it saves their time. These days the toll collection is done on the basis of the software by issuing the receipts or the cards for allowing the commuters to experience the new road or express highway or in order to allow the parking of the vehicles done in the new area. Very soon the entire system will be replaced by a new system which will completely eliminate the human interference in this system and make it fully automatic as the less the number of humans involve in the process, the greater the accuracy level is.
The electronic toll management system not only collects a particular amount but also helps in reducing the traffic and the delay on the roads due to human interference in the toll system. It even saves the valuable time of the commuters as the automatic system is fast enough and the most important part of the automatic system is it keeps a proper track of the commuters’ record which was always inaccurate in the manual toll system. With the improvement in technology there is a constant support and security for the commuters while travelling in the flyovers, bridges or roads and provides a complete systematic way of working of the system that satisfies the commuters. 

Thursday, 14 November 2013

How To Get Fast And More Visitor To Your Website?

First of all i will describe you that i will not make extra and waste text on this page i am gonna tell you very to the point things for your website traffic so no more explanation lets start it.

1.Website design:
 Your website design matter alot because its face of your website and it should be charming. so that a visitor  see that and stay for some time.
2.Quality content:

 Quality content is the major and a key to get fast traffic to your website. 

  • content should be unique 
  • provide information that visitor need from your website
  • don't copy contents from other website
  • launch fresh content every day or week

3. Backlinks:

Backlinks is also play big roll to get traffic to your site. backlinks can be created in various     ways:

  • directory submission:
  • submit your website information on various directory submission websites with url and once again don't try to copy the content.

  • classified ads submission try to get more backlinks on your website.

4.Optimize ranking:
    Get search engine ranking by doing seo or search engine optimization. 

  • make some keyword realted to your website content
  • now try to submit those keyword on various directory
  • submit articles
  • do press release
  • blog writing

   This is called off page SEO

5. Linking:
  Get linked or exchange link with other website but that website should have high page rank, low page rank website can threat to your website.

6. SMO (social media optimization):

This is the fastest or you can say lightning speed way to get traffic or visitor
to your website. make accounts on various socal media sites like facebook, twitter, stumbleupon etc.make freinds and spread your website link to them.

7. Advertising:
 Advertise your website on different famous website but for that you have to spend some money.

                    These are the basic but effective way to get the traffic to your website.