Tuesday, 14 June 2011


A Blog on ‘More Guidance on Building high quality sites’ has been released by Google. The blog contains information on how to make any high quality websites and the quality content plays the most important role. The blog is tailor made for marketers, helping them to understand to make websites which are not only high quality in nature, but on the same time relevant to online people.

The algorithm of the company ensures that the brands that are having good content are always having high rankings. The high quality sites do not provide the searchers with low quality content. The search engine optimization is required.

To help the marketers to get into the right SEO mindset, some questions which Google offer include, “would one trust the information present in the article?” and “ Does the article provide original information, original reporting?” We can say the content of high editorial caliber is needed. A number of B2B marketers are turning into journalists for content marketing assistant, thus answering the question – Do we expect to see this article in a book, magazine or encyclopedia?

High quality content marketing plan plays the most important role in SEO. The Google also says that publishers should provide the best possible user experience on their sites. Google’s current ranking algorithms should not be taken into account. 78% of marketers believes that content is the key to success of their organizations.

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