Thursday, 28 June 2012


Designing a website could be a fun for students and making popular is
a business but, it has become a nightmare for them and an opportunity for the
companies. After one change in algorithm of indexing the web-pages, the internet
world has changed. This Change is famously known as ‘Penguin Update’. No one
knows why this update is called as penguin but it is the truth. Most of the people are
still unaware about the basics of this update and by mistake they are putting their
clients in trouble. Suddenly, Google announced this update which was not less than
the nuclear bomb for SEOs and for the companies who invested in.

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First thing which you should do, to make your website popular is stop
duplicating contents related to your website. If the search engine traces (crawls) the
multiple keywords or duplicate contents then, it will reduce the rating of the website.
The Content must be unique and relevant. Multiple postings of URL, contents,
irrelevant cross-linkings irritate the king of the websites i.e. search engine which
may lead to a penalty. The Penalty could be de-indexing the website, consider
irrelevant, etc. Everyone knows, more than millions of webpages are trying to attract
the people like a super model but what’s new in your dream model, you should make
sure that everyone should spend time, must love it: Actually we are concentrating
and talking about the website, the golden words ‘the boys will be boys’.

This News can be consider as an opportunity for the SEO Services because the
website owners have to post more relevant and unique content which gives a boost
to content writing sector. Wait; don’t think that, the content writers bribed Google
Company to change the algorithm. The Best thing which you can do to save your site
from the penalties is try to make your site simply and unique. Remember “Simplicity
is the most powerful tool”.

However, Google is still working on this update which results in
increase of page ranking of few websites automatically, which means there are few
changes your website’s ranking may increase suddenly. Earlier Google has done
around 50 changes in the database which shocked everyone, after some more
amendments small companies got some positive news. Right now, most of the
people are disappointed while searching because this time they are getting new
results with non relevant sites also. If you check those sites, you will find only the
searched keyword or texts somewhere exists in the content (possibly not in
sequence) that shows Google cares what we have as content. No wonder, when you
will wake up in the next morning and newspapers headings could be “Another storm
from Google!


  1. i want to know more about the google penguine latest updates wheather they are good for SEO services or not

  2. They provide us a good services.

  3. Its contradicting, in one phase its saying its like nuclear bomb and another phase saying opportunity for seo.which phase i should follow or its like every coin has two side dark and bright.

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