Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Which Is More Important Content OR Design , When you Build a Website

A good website is just not about website designing and layout, rather the content that is updated is also included in it. In the same manner plain content without attractive and appealing design doesn’t make a website. So, may times a dilemma arise regarding the importance of content or design? Website development India is well known for offering turnkey website designwebsite development centers from India. SEO Company India excels in custom website solutions, pay per click web hosting across assorted industry verticals.
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Website design encompasses of the ultimate visual interface design and the layout of the web page. It is mainly about the presentation of your website. On the other hand, website content needs a meticulous and sound understanding of the type of content that must be delivered to the website audiences. It requires a clear knowledge of the needs and expectations of the website audiences and ways to satisfy them. Let’s have a look at both the important concepts of a website.

Website Design
The initial process of designing a website generally initiates by establishing a business objective, choosing the functionality requirements, determining and strategizing according to the target audience. It is the web objective that influences logo, structure of web page and all the other design elements. The initial phase of website design as such does not require too much of content. In fact, there is a requirement of generic pages like homepage, About us, Services, Contact us etc. New pages and updates can be added on the website whenever you feel like.

Content comes into scene after at a later stage. Once the website has been designed and structured efficiently, the addition of content is considered. However, you may have to face certain issues that creep up during this stage. This may be due to the fact if you are loaded with too much content with less accommodation for all the content, you might have to cut short it. If you have more of content but lesser space for placing it, you can’t include all of it. Thus, in case of smaller website, design probably occupies more weight than content. This is because content inclusion here depends on the design and layout of the website.

Website Content
Content however takes superiority over the design especially in larger websites where there is an overhaul of information and data. Larger websites however require a higher amount of information.  The information that needs to be handled can be both online and offline. Thus, the sheer volume of content surpasses the design and layout and thus the website works as per the content volume. This is the place where the website designer comes into action. It becomes essential for a website designer to understand the goals, objectives of the website in the most efficient manner before actually starting the design and development process of the website. The role played by the website designer is actually vital for increasing the rank of your website. Then only you can design a robust website the design and layout of which absolutely complements the content of the same. The idea here is to create a flawless balance between the two.

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  1. I want to creat a website with dynamic nature ...which is more important for this

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  5. Really interesting article.Thanks for such nice sharing.In my opinion both content and design are important in website. Always hire a web design company that keep in mind both points while designing a web page.

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